Honeymoon Tour

Honeymoon Packages in Kerala One of the greatest places in India for a romantic trip or honeymoon is Kerala. Kerala, popularly known as “God’s own country,” provides tourists a posh vacation filled with opulent resorts, warm backwaters, sun-kissed beaches, lush green jungles, and exquisite tea farms.

The magnificent Andaman Islands are tucked away in the Indian Ocean. The islands’ geography is endowed with panoramic vistas, and tourists may take advantage of breathtaking sights everywhere they go, including stunning sunsets along the shore. The Andaman Islands are home to many white sand beaches that are surrounded by turquoise lagoons, blue oceans, tropical temperatures, and sunny days. One of India’s most beautiful locations for a honeymoon is this.

The following is a list of things you can do when visiting Andaman on your honeymoon :

  • Couples may go snorkelling amid the stunning reefs that surround the Andaman beaches.
  • Perched on several cliff top observation platforms, take in stunning sunsets.
  • Enjoy an unexpected encounter with bioluminescence, one of nature’s most beautiful wonders.
  • Take an exciting seaplane journey to one of the surrounding islands while admiring the breathtaking aerial panoramas.
  • Last but not least, treat yourself to a memorable stay at one of the Island’s many five-star resorts.