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Woodland Travels Pvt. Ltd. Welcome you all to Andaman and Nicobar Island- A Peace of Haven where you can experience a combination of beautiful silver sandy beaches with blue sea and precious lush green forest. we strongly believe philosophy "AATHITHI DEVO BHAVA" we respect all our visitor as the God and treat as our personal guest. Our moto is about to assist you all to make your traveling in Andaman island better, safe , easier, comfortable and satisfied. More+

General Information

  • Location : Bay of Bengal
  • Longitude : 92 to 94 East
  • Latitude : 6 to 14 North

Altitude ( Highest Point )

Andaman Islands : Saddle Peak ( North Andaman ) 732 Meters

Nicobar Islands : Mount Thullier ( Great Nicobar Island ) 642 Meters

  • Total Area : 8249 sq.km
  • South Andaman District : 3106 Sq.km
  • Nicobar District : 1841 Sq.km
  • North & Middle Andaman : 3302 Sq.km
  • Urban Area : 16.64 Sq.km
  • Rural Area : 8232.36 Sq.k

Length & Bredth


  • Total Leangth : 467 Kms
  • Maximum Width : 52Kms
  • Average Width : 24Kms


  • Total Leangth : 259 kms
  • Maximum Width : 58Kms
  • Average Width : NIL

Biggest inhabited Island in Andaman & Nicobar Group

  • Curlew Island (Andaman) : 0.03 sq. km
  • Pilomillow Island (Nicobar) : 1.3 sq. km


Distance by Sea

  • Between Port Blair to Chennai : 1190 kms.
  • Between Port Blair to Kolkata : 1255 kms.
  • Between Port Blair to Vishakapatnam : 1200 kms.

Distance by Air

  • Between Port Blair to Chennai : 1303 kms.
  • Between Port Blair to Kolkata : 1330 kms.


  • Normal rainfall at Port Blair : 3180 mm
  • Actual rainfall at Port Blair : 4152.6
  • Rainy day at Port Blair : 158 Days
  • Mean Minimum Temperature at Port Blair : 24 Celsius
  • Mean Maximum Temperature at Port Blair : 30.2 Celsius
  • Mean relative Humidity at Port Blair : 80% at 8.30 hrs and 82% at 17.30 hrs.
Havelock Island, with an area of 113.93 km2, is the largest of the islands which comprise Ritchie's Archipelago a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands. Havelock is situated 57 km North East of Capital City Port Blair.


Port Blair
Port Blair (About this sound pronunciation; Bengali: পোর্ট ব্লেয়ার; Hindi: पोर्ट ब्लेयर) is the largest town and a municipal council in Andaman district in the Andaman Islands and the


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located in the east of the Indian mainland geographically, float in splendid isolation in the Bay of Bengal. Once a hill range extending from Myanmar to Indonesia, these picturesque undulating islands, islets numbering around 556, are covered with dense damp and evergreen forests and endless


Ross Island
Ross Island is one of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, about 2 km east of Port Blair. It was the Administrative Headquarters for the islands, before an earthquake rocked it in 1941. The headquarters were then shifted to Port Blair. One can see remnants of an opulent past in the ruins of the church, swimming pool and the chief


Radhanagar Beach
Radha Nagar Beach lies on the south cost of Havlock island. It is about 12 kms from the Island ‘s ferry poer. Radha nagar is a Grade A beach of outstanding quality. This beach is also rated as the best beaches in Asia by Time Magazine. It has an overall length of 2 kms and an average width of 30 to 40 meters. The sand


Neil Islands
This island is apparently Name after Mr. James Georg smith Neil a british soldier responsible for several war crimes during the suppression of the 1857 mutiny.  There is a long jetty at Bharathpur which serves as the only entry -exite point of this island. It is a ideal location for eco - tourism and a marvelous island



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